I’m an ux/ui designer born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and now living in cold and awesome Toronto, ON, Canada.


I have almost 9 years of experience in webdesign, software interface design and now I'm working with mobile since 2012. I don't code from scratch, but I can edit some html/css files but I have strong understanding of what can be done with it.


Pixel is a way of life to me. Ayrton Senna, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs and Coach K are some of my idols. I am addictive of technology, twitter, facebook and Apple products but an Android user... go figure.



I always worked with digital design in Rio since agencies like Kindle, Oficina Interativa, Sirius to products like Zoom and Mundi. As freelancer, I designed for startups and tried to have my own. I also helped to build Apps Club that was recently bought by Opera. Now I'm reaching the most challenging time of my career. Working for Career Cruising as Senior Designer, living in a different country, speaking a different language... so far, so good!