Online Therapy Startup

Mobile chat app that connects patients to real therapists


My role

Product Designer consultant, I designed the first versions of the mobile app and of the website, as well creating the first design library, the brand, social media imagery, and the 500Startups Demo Day presentation.

What I learned

  • Work as a consultant with a small team
  • Design a chat app like any other but not like all others

The Challenges

To create a chat app that looks familiar to the users without copying WhatsApp, Telegram, and all others. Work with a team entirely remote, devs in Brazil, I am in Toronto, and Yuri in NYC.


App screens

In the beginning, we faced a lot of skepticism from Brazil's Psychology Council about online therapy. We had to prove that this was already huge in North America and with the advantage of the technology we could connect people who wanted to have treatment but either couldn't afford it or didn't have time.


Web version vs. App version


Invision was the key here, to explain to devs how the IxD would behave


More than 1M users already had the chance to use FalaFreud and get treatment. FalaFreud raised R$2M in a series A round last year, helping the company to grow even more and faster. 

Now, at least 100 users per day have had 15min of therapy sessions using the app, either via text, voice messages, or video calls.

Daniel de Paola

Toronto, Canada

Where to find me?

Linkedin, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, or Email

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©️2018 - All Rights Reserved

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