Shooting to NYC but aiming to the moon


My role

Trying to be their freelance designer

What I learned

  • The feedback was more important
  • That I could work abroad
  • To not get high expectations with huge agencies

The Test

The test had 3 options: re-think CNN's video experience, re-design IMDb's movie page, or re-design Amazon's product page.

I chose the IMDb one...

This was IMDb's movie page back then. I won't get into all the problems I see here, but IMHO the major ones were:

  • Small images - if I'm looking for a movie I want to see great images, trailers, and all the media it could have
  • People who like this also liked - this is super relevant to me to be up there
  • Image gallery - really?

IMDb back in 2014

I'm always not a fan of what I do first. This a Daniel thing. Always try at least 3 designs to start working hard on the rest of the project. And on this particular project (if I can call like that) I reached some of my designer friends to get some feedback.


First options

When I reached out to some friends they helped me a lot to gather info and details where I could make the design to stand out more. Fantasy is known for its detailed and pixel perfect designs and this was what I tried to do. Attention to every element on the canvas, from font kerning to drop shadows, font-sizes, call-to-actions, and etc.


Final option sent to the agency


Although they said they liked what I did, and wanted to move forward with me as one of their freelancers, I never got a chance to work with them. But the work I did for Fantasy was worth every minute for the feedback alone.

Daniel de Paola

Toronto, Canada

Where to find me?

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©️2018 - All Rights Reserved

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