Design Tests & Proposals

Rejected ones that are NDA free

My role

Designer Freelancer

What I learned

  • To ask more questions about the brief
  • To not get stick with the brief
  • To try a little bit more
  • Prototype makes a huge difference


Working as a freelancer, I get the chance to work with many different people and agencies or companies. This one, in particular, asked me to design a couple of screens for a project of a dating app. They were trying to convince the client to move forward with the project.


Login screen


Profile screen

iPhone X study

As a mobile designer, I need to keep up to date with grids, screen sizes, frames, standards, and etc. And when Apple launched the iPhone X with the notch and the new frame, the first I did was to try a real product with this new approach.

AirCanada app, IMHO, is terrible on the visual perspective. So, I did just 4 landing pages as a quick study.


AirCanada app

Dribbble Design Challenge

Back in January 2018, Dann Petty - an amazing designer btw - created a challenge on Dribbble where the winner would win a MacBook Pro + Adobe CC 1 year license. I took a shot and could even get his feedback, which was even more valuable than the prize per se.


First version, before Dann's feedback


Last version, after Dann's feedback


Design Test 1

The brief of this one was to create 3 screens of a movie ticket selection based on the wireframe that was sent by the client. The proposal was to test my visual (UI) skills for mobile apps.

Visual Design Challenge WIreframes

Provided wireframe


My designs

Design Test 2

For this one, the proposal was to create a recipe website. The wireframe consisted of 4 screens: home, category, theme, and recipe detail. I even created a prototype with animations to present to the client.

Screen Shot 2019-05-01 at 11.19.03 AM

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