Money Transfer App

Easiest and fastest way to send money to friends, family and clients


My role

Product Designer consultant

What I learned

  • Work as a consultant with a small team
  • Work from Canada, for stakeholders in the USA and clients in Brazil

The Challenges

When PontualMoney first reached me, the task was to re-design their app EnviouChegou. When we finished, we'd changed everything to launch USEND, a more modern, easy, fast, and secure money transfer app.


App screens

You can send and receive money easily and fast through the app between countries like the USA, Brazil and Canada. 


USEND new website


Invision was the key here, to explain to devs how the IxD would behave


Assets & Components


USEND is not a bank, but a way to transfer money, pay your bills, and reload your pre-paid phone. This makes USEND app one-of-a-kind.

Daniel de Paola

Toronto, Canada

Where to find me?

Linkedin, Twitter, Dribbble, Behance, or Email

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©️2018 - All Rights Reserved

Made with Semplice