May 6, 2013

Why home office won't work in Brazil?

I really don't know


We are in 2013, right? So… I can't understand why some companies, some agencies, some bosses are not comfortable with homeoffice!!! Ok, I do understand, but not completely.


It's a fact that some people can't work from home, can't be productive or will relax too much for working at home. But, for the most of us, work at home in somedays are necessary.


Today, Rio was smashed by a storm and wild wind. Would be a great, not to say perfect, to do a homeoffice.


We would not spend hours stuck on traffic, we would not come to work all wet and tired, and we would be working happier than ever.


As an excuse to not allow it, bosses says: "It's not safe for the company. Employees could take private files from the server and use outside of the company."or worst: "you won't be productive, you will be lazy".




I can't understand this. If we want to take private files from the server, we'll use our pen drive!!!! About productivity… it's better work tired, upset and wet or work relax, cozy and with our mind rested?


The math is simple.


The company can waste less with electricity, with internet. We can earn in life quality, eat good food, don't waste hours going and back to work. Conclusion, everybody wins!!!


The brazilian culture of work is: we have to complete 8h a day, 5 days a week no matter what happens to you. If you feel sick, you need to get a medical certificate, if you have other appointment, you will get late until you fullfill your 8h.


We don't have the culture of get things done whatever it is. No matter if you are at home, at airport, at a coffee shop. You have to come to office to work. You are not allowed to work at any other place.


I feel sorry about this. I feel hate, I feel shame…


I’ve been learning a lot since then. The meetings last as it shoud be: if its a week planning is a 1h (sharp); if its just a quick chat to update some info, its a quick chat. No stalling, not a second waste.