October 26, 2015

Working with "gringos"


Since February when I accepted the job offer from Career Cruising, I started to work with “gringos”. Gringos is how we, brazillians, call foreign people. And its not a bad word!


I’ve done a few freelance jobs for americans clients but not worked fulltime with them. And I can tell how different it is.


The philosophy and organization its totally different. The way they communicate, the work flow… Its not like any other product or agency that I worked for. Not to mention, the language.


I’ve been learning a lot since then. The meetings last as it shoud be: if its a week planning is a 1h (sharp); if its just a quick chat to update some info, its a quick chat. No stalling, not a second waste.



And the most important to me: working from home, in a galaxy far far away, is not a problem. We chat, we skype and slack all time, any time, whenever is needed.


All files stay in Google Drive so I can save a psd and the dev team can see instantly. We use Jira as it should be used. Not as a post it board!


I am very excited to work with the team at the office right away. We can acheive so much more when I get there. The interaction will be great. I can’t wait to see all the faces that I watch on the cam in person, drink some beers and eat some burgers. Not to mention go to ACC to watch the Raptors!!!