2015 to 2019


I've worked closely with the Design Director, Lead Designer, and C levels. Lead the mobile team acting as co-product owner close with developers, helped to grow the team from 4 to 9 designers as well and mentoring, leading workshops for file organization and design systems using Sketch, and with that I could foster the design team to create the responsive mindset.

The Challenges

One feature that clients always request is the possibility to generate reports. While we already have that, there were very few options. When we called a couple of clients to interview them and ask questions about reports, the number of feature requests was insane.

Some told us that they needed around 80 options of reports. Then we start to connect with the data science teams and the average usage of reports was from 5 to 8 options. We started to study the top 5 most-access reports to see how many clients were actually generating them and etc.


Lots of research work was done on:

  • How to represent graphically the data?
  • How we would categorize the reports?
  • To have or not to have custom reports where the user could generate more accurate data from the students?
  • How the search would work?

 The explorations also took place here as part of the design process. This is something I learned a lot at Xello, working with my managers and team mates.

I could deliver great features working closely with developers, POs, clients, Data Science team, and on-boarding team. That was the right way we found to make sure all requests and expectation would be achieved, plus, we could explain to educators what they really needed instead of what the would have wanted.

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Daniel de Paola

Toronto, Canada

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